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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

March & April news

Mom and I went to the beach to take pictures of her niece who is getting married in May. We went to a really beautiful plantation near her house. It was a little boring because we took a LOT of pictures, but Laura really likes me so she took some pictures with me, too. That made me feel special!

We walked around on the beach some, too, and that was fun. I even got to check out this shark! I'm bigger than him so he didn't scare me (also, it helped that he was dead!) I ALMOST went in the water because someone threw a dog toy in there and I REALLY wanted to get it for them, but I'm still not real sure what will happen if I get in deep water. It was too cold for my mom to get in, but she promises she will teach me how to swim sometime soon. I know my Thomas family will like that because they will take me to the lake and it will be lots of fun!
We had a meeting this month at Chimney Rock Park. It was called "Bark in the Park!"There were a lot of dogs there because it was for everyone who loves dogs and/or works with dogs. We had a good time meeting people and telling them all about Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind!

After Bark in the Park was over, mom drove up to the top (she broke her toe so she's not doing a lot of hiking!) It was pretty cool up there! The best part of all was getting a hug from this little boy. I love hugs! I got a lot this day!!
I wondered why this beaver wouldn't play, but I guess he was tired out from all of the people who came to visit. I could understand that, but I'm never too tired to visit with people!

We rode an elevator up through the middle of a big rock - 26 floors high! - and then went out on the rock and looked down.

You could see Lake Lure from up there. That's where they filmed "Dirty Dancing" and all around the area they filmed parts of "Last of the Mohicans."

I wasn't so sure about why my mom wanted me up on this ledge! It dropped off right below me. She promised me if I was real still, I would be fine. I thought she was a little crazy, but I hung on and got a nice picture. I don't look worried, do I?!

I went with my mom to a class in Columbus, OH. I had to sit around in class all day, but that's what I do at work so I was fine with it. There was even a parade for St. Patrick's Day! There were horses - and I got excited about seeing them. I wasn't afraid of anything, though, and my mom was very proud. We talked to a cop later that night and he was still dressed up in his kilt and had his bagpipes. Mom asked him if she could take a picture of us and he was happy to do that. After we took the picture he told me that he trains police dogs! I KNEW he smelled good!!

I really enjoyed walking around the big city of Columbus! We went down to the river and I loved watching those geese. Something told me they should be in my mouth and that I should carry them gently to my master, but I didn't try to chase them. I hope mom wasn't disappointed that I didn't bring her any.

I liked watching the train go by, too. It made a lot of noise on the bridge, but I wasn't worried.
I'm growing every day and everyone calls me Saint SAM. I like that and am trying to live up to it. Soon it will be the anniversary of the loss of Matthew. Many of you gave money so that I could commemorate his short life with us. Thank you for doing that. I'm trying to make a difference in his memory. Come see me sometime and we'll talk about Matthew and I'll give you some of my special kisses!


Anna said...

Wow you're so grown up! And very handsome. I'm sure you'll be a great guide dog.

CT said...

Sam is just beautiful - and he and Shear really do look alike!

(Christina in NC - Erin and Shear's mom)