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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from SAM!!

It was a lot of fun getting ready for Christmas! We put up lots of lights and a tree - how cool! I didn't try to get any of the ornaments or even get into the packages that had fudge. I'm SO good!
Mom put the reindeer antlers on me. I felt kind of dumb, but I put up with it anyway.
We also went to the parade in Weaverville. Deacon had to wear the antlers that time. He's used to it and didn't complain. I didn't tell him I thought he looked silly, but I was really glad I just had to wear the bells around my neck. That wasn't too bad - and look how handsome I am!
Steve and his guide dog, Joe and I (and Mom B, of course) went to West Buncombe Elementary School and spoke to 100 3rd graders! It was the last hour before they left for Christmas vacation and the teachers were really happy we were there to entertain them. They couldn't believe how quiet they were and how well they sat! I got lots of loving - and a good nap! It was a good time!

We also had the Christmas party at my mom's office for all of the other puppies that are in the guide dog program. (We let their parents come, too, since most of the pups are too young to drive!) Steve was there with Joe so everyone could see how a real guide dog must act. First they had to play a game that asked questions about raising a guide dog. Some of them called it a test but Mom B insisted it was a GAME because there were prizes! You can see my legs where I'm lying under Mom T's chair.
It was fun to watch some of the people get their food and eat with blindfolds on. I think they did too well because I didn't see any good treats on the floor - darn!The best thing of all was that I got to spend the time with Mom and Dad T, Stephanie and Andrew. I gave them a couple of presents and they took a picture with me in front of the Christmas tree. I think we all look pretty good, even though the flash always reflects off my eyes. My dad's not such a great photographer, but I think he got some with their camera, too, so you might have gotten one on a Christmas card. I hope I was smiling!
Christmas day was really great! We had Christmas at our house with Josh, Bethany and Mom & Dad B. I wanted to eat the wrapping, but Mom B always took it away before I could finish it. RATS!

Fortunately, Bethany gave me my very own toy! I LOVE it! Unfortunately, Mom B always keeps an eye on me when I'm playing with it so I can't tear it up and eat it. I can't get by with much with her! Now she says that since it isn't approved, she will have to take it away. *sigh* She's leaving the picture, though, since I'm SO cute and you'll know that this kind of toy can be dangerous.After Christmas at our house, we drove to Charlotte for Christmas with Mom B's family. I got MORE belly rubs - yippee - and was so good everyone loved me!

Then we went to the grandson's house and had Christmas with his family. That was the best part of all! He really loved me and I let him sit on me, play with my lips, and fall over me. I licked his fingers (they tasted like broccoli and cheese casserole - yum!) He thought it was all a lot of fun and laughed and laughed! I didn't even mind when he bit me on the nose! (He didn't bite down hard!)
After all of that playing, I was tired and ready for a good nap!
Not long after that we drove home. What a wonderful day!

Yesterday my mom took me for a nice long walk through Weaverville. We hadn't gone in a long time because it has been too cold, but she thought it would be nice yesterday. We didn't take Deacon, because last time I was too slow and she got frustrated. She was thrilled when I walked briskly the whole time. I guess I'm growing up, huh?! It was a lot of fun and next time we'll get Deacon to go with us. Hooray!

Well, I better go take another nap. I need to rest up and grow so I can be ready for a whole new year of learning how to be the best guide dog ever! Say a prayer that I will be able to change someone's life!