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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Church Visit and a Hike

Hi! I just thought I would write a quick note and tell you about my latest adventures! On Saturday I got to go to church with my sponsor family, the Thomas'. I slept during the service, but everyone says it's OK for me to do that. I don't think it's OK for people, though! That was the second time I got to visit with the Thomas' this week - yippee!! I love to visit them because they always give me lots of loving. I got to meet Stephanie for the first time. That was great! I was very good in church and got to visit with a lot of folks that helped make it possible for me to be a guide puppy and be raised in Asheville. After church we went out to dinner and I was very good. The people around us didn't know I was there until we left. That's just what my people want!

On Sunday I got to hike up the mountain with my family and Deacon, my dog brother. They didn't think I could make it because it is a very long, steep hike. Mom told Dad to save me room in the backpack just in case, but I made it the whole way - no problem! Here is what it looked like at the top. God sure did a good job making the view around here
{Me resting in the shade}
{Deacon foraging a path} 
It was tough, but I wasn't going to quit! Besides, if I had ridden in the backpack, I wouldn't have gotten to pick up acorns, leaves, sticks, and rocks.

{This rock was very tasty}
There were SO many cool things to taste and smell. We saw LOTS of wild animal droppings and I had to stop and check out each one. I think there was one by a coyote and several by racoons. VERY cool! Mom wouldn't let me taste it, though. *sigh* She spoils a lot of fun but I listen because she knows what's best for me - and I don't want her to get upset with me!
When we got to the top, I was exhausted and took a good nap - whew!
I was ready to go down when it was time to leave, though, and I wasn't even sore the next day. Mom says it's not fair that Deacon and I have "4-wheel drive" because it's much easier for us to go up and down!

I'm still a very good boy. My mom says I talk too much, but I only do it when my toy gets away from me or when I need to tell someone that they need to PLAY WITH ME!! Today at work Mom was trying to take my picture and I asked her, "What are you doing?" Here I am saying that.
I didn't really bark, just talked, and she laughed even though she said, "Quiet!" She knows I'm
so cute and can't really get mad at me *grin*
When I got back home, Dad sat in the floor with me and when I put my legs
up, he made me look silly and mom took a picture. I look kind of scary,
don't I?
Sam laying on his back looking silly
Sometimes I let them by silly, just to humor them.

Well, it's time to rest. Please share my journal with everyone so they can watch me grow

Monday, October 6, 2008

Update by SAM

Goodness, I'm afraid it has been two weeks since I've written! I'm so busy all the time that I hardly can find time to sit down and write! Unfortunately, I haven't done anything really exciting, but I wanted to check in and let you know that I'm growing, growing, growing and learning lots! I'm probably twice as big as I was when I first came here! They canceled one of our meetings because of the gas problem. I was very disappointed because I was really looking forward to seeing all of those people but it might not have been good anyway, because the day before I got shots at the vet and it hurt!! I made sure that the mean doctor knew I didn't like it one bit!! Also, I yelped anytime someone picked me up for the next few days because I wanted them to know they needed to be very easy with me. I might not have liked it too much if we had been around all of those people and they had wanted to pet me and pick me up, so I guess it's good that the plans changed. Mom says I'm a softie, but I just say that I have a "sensitive" side. That's good, right?!

I'm really a very easy pup so far. My mom keeps waiting for me to get wild and out of control (like most of her other dogs have) but I think I'll just keep being a good boy. Life is much easier if I'm just nice! Everyone sure loves me and that makes me want to make everyone happy, too. Fortunately, all I have to do is just look at them with my big brown eyes, sit pretty, and people come right up to me! Usually when I do that, my mom lets them pet me. If I try to go up to them first, though, she says they can't pet me. That makes me sad! They love how soft I feel and will rub and rub. I really like that!! I especially like kids and they all seem to like me, too. I try not to wiggle or jump on them because that will scare them away. Several people have seen me and now they want to be puppy walkers! I can't blame them a bit because I am SO cute!!

I have been learning to go for a long walk - almost two miles - through the big city (Weaverville - population almost 1700) with my brother dog, Deacon. The first time I did NOT keep up and my mom waited a week so I could grow. She took me by myself the second time but I wanted to just drag around and it wasn't much fun. The third time she let Deacon go with us again and it was great! I kept up almost the whole time and didn't get too distracted by all of the yummy, good smelling temptations on the ground! We've done it two times now and she says we will try to go for a nice walk several times a week. Yippee!!

I don't know what was wrong this past Friday but I felt really yucky! My mom was off work and we went shopping - usually one of my favorite things to do - but this time I didn't enjoy it. I threw up in the car three (or was it four?) times! My mom got a little worried because I threw up several more times over about 8 hours so she took me to the doctor. He gave me some medicine to soothe my stomach and some really bland food (ugh!) I ate it, though, because I was STARVING by this time!! I felt much better the next day and by the afternoon I was running around like usual. Mom was relieved and kept asking me if I had eaten something I wasn't supposed to, but I don't think so because she watches me so closely ALL THE TIME!! (*sigh*) She won't let me eat grass, or sticks, or rocks, or dirt, or plants, or paper, or tissues, or toilet paper, or toys, or furniture, or ANYTHING! I can't understand it!! Doesn't she know that's what puppies DO?! We have to eat all that stuff if we want to grow up big and strong! Sometimes it's tough to be a future guide dog, but I really do want to do a good job and help someone so I'm trying really hard!

Saturday I went to obedience class with my friend, Neil. (My mom used to be raising him until I came along.) Since I'm so young, she wouldn't let me work like the other dogs and I had to sit in her lap the whole time. Since that's my favorite place to be, I really didn't mind. Also, some of those other dogs (especially Neil and Max) were very rough and I didn't like that. They scared me a little but my mom protected me and said they better watch out because one day I'm going to be as big as they are!! I still don't think I'll be that rough, though. 
Note from Deacon - Don't let the kid fool you! He's already pretty rough on me! Sometimes he grabs the skin around my neck and hangs on or bites my legs or ears or anywhere he can reach. Mom makes him quit - which is good because I really don't want to have to teach him a lesson myself!

{Kids just love me....and I love them too!!} 

Well, I better close now since I'm really tired and it's time for a nap! I hope you're enjoying my notes.