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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Church Visit and a Hike

Hi! I just thought I would write a quick note and tell you about my latest adventures! On Saturday I got to go to church with my sponsor family, the Thomas'. I slept during the service, but everyone says it's OK for me to do that. I don't think it's OK for people, though! That was the second time I got to visit with the Thomas' this week - yippee!! I love to visit them because they always give me lots of loving. I got to meet Stephanie for the first time. That was great! I was very good in church and got to visit with a lot of folks that helped make it possible for me to be a guide puppy and be raised in Asheville. After church we went out to dinner and I was very good. The people around us didn't know I was there until we left. That's just what my people want!

On Sunday I got to hike up the mountain with my family and Deacon, my dog brother. They didn't think I could make it because it is a very long, steep hike. Mom told Dad to save me room in the backpack just in case, but I made it the whole way - no problem! Here is what it looked like at the top. God sure did a good job making the view around here
{Me resting in the shade}
{Deacon foraging a path} 
It was tough, but I wasn't going to quit! Besides, if I had ridden in the backpack, I wouldn't have gotten to pick up acorns, leaves, sticks, and rocks.

{This rock was very tasty}
There were SO many cool things to taste and smell. We saw LOTS of wild animal droppings and I had to stop and check out each one. I think there was one by a coyote and several by racoons. VERY cool! Mom wouldn't let me taste it, though. *sigh* She spoils a lot of fun but I listen because she knows what's best for me - and I don't want her to get upset with me!
When we got to the top, I was exhausted and took a good nap - whew!
I was ready to go down when it was time to leave, though, and I wasn't even sore the next day. Mom says it's not fair that Deacon and I have "4-wheel drive" because it's much easier for us to go up and down!

I'm still a very good boy. My mom says I talk too much, but I only do it when my toy gets away from me or when I need to tell someone that they need to PLAY WITH ME!! Today at work Mom was trying to take my picture and I asked her, "What are you doing?" Here I am saying that.
I didn't really bark, just talked, and she laughed even though she said, "Quiet!" She knows I'm
so cute and can't really get mad at me *grin*
When I got back home, Dad sat in the floor with me and when I put my legs
up, he made me look silly and mom took a picture. I look kind of scary,
don't I?
Sam laying on his back looking silly
Sometimes I let them by silly, just to humor them.

Well, it's time to rest. Please share my journal with everyone so they can watch me grow

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