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Monday, July 27, 2009

Its been a while....

OK, I've been REALLY bad and haven't posted anything in a LONG time! Blame my mom! I can't get her off the computer for enough time to write something. I'm sorry! I'm still working hard to be ready to go to guide dog college. My mom uses me in class to show all the other dogs how to act - that's what's going on in the picture here! Miss Georgie has me.

The pups all look up to me - as they should!

This is Astrid. She's a lab/golden mix.

My mom's son, Josh, is getting married in October. His fiancé has been doing mission work in Mexico for two years and came home in May. I got her some balloons and met her at the airport. It was a surprise and she was happy to see us because Josh was in Saudi Arabia and couldn't come.

Mom and I spoke to a bunch of kids at Carolina Day School in Asheville because Fred is going to be at school every day with them. Steve and his guide dog, Joe, spoke, too. Mom and I relaxed while they showed what I hope to be able to do soon. I like to be touching Mom all the time. She likes it, too!

All the pups went to the Asheville Tourists baseball game. I liked the people, but wasn't too thrilled about this big bear! I kept my distance from him, but finally sniffed him out.

After we got in our seats, I had a good time playing with Jordan.
Her mom didn't see us playing under the seat, but mom caught me and made me quit. *sigh*

I watched for a while, but then decided that Fred has the right idea!

We were asked to come back to the special Dog Day in the Park for the Tourists and set up a table to tell people all about guide dogs. As always, I was a perfect example of how good we all are!

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