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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 2009 - 8 months old!!

Oh, goodness, I have been SO busy that I haven't posted anything for quite a while! I will let you know what I've been doing (besides sleeping and growing!) and put a lot of new pictures. I hope you'll enjoy them! I'm afraid they are out of order. I'm still learning about this blogging!

I got to stay with my Thomas family while my Mom B went to Kansas City. It was fun to visit their friends and family and go to church with them. I sure get a lot of love when I'm with them!! I don't have any pictures from them, but I bet they have a bunch if you will ask them.

The first pictures are really the latest ones! We had our puppy Mall Madness Meeting in March. That's always a lot of fun because we get to have people score us on what we do. I was the youngest pup there, but I won the contest! I guess part of it was because I got to go through the stores the day before so my mom could get everything set up, but it's mostly because I'm just a great pup! My mom's friends, the Mehaffeys (shown below) call me Saint Sam. I guess they're right!

I got LOTS of hugs - that was cool!

The first time I saw the headless people in front of Hollister I was a little concerned! My mom showed me they were harmless so I was OK. This guy and gal wanted to come out and have a picture made with me. I guess maybe I shouldn't have kissed the girl on her chest, but she laughed so I didn't get in trouble!

Mom went to Hilton Head for a week with friends from Wake Forest and couldn't take me. I can't understand why! I didn't mind, though, because Bethany took good care of me. I got to go to work with her at the Celebrations! party store and met a lot of cool people there - like Miss Liberty
and the Three Stooges and even Elvis!
I even played with Mickey Mouse and this silly Smiley Face balloon!
We had a lot of birthdays in the Bagwell family - five in January and February and one in March! That was good because we all got together in Charlotte and I got to play with the grandson, Mahlon, some more. He loves me and I let him do anything he wants because I think he's funny.
Steve Obremski (who works for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind), his dog, Joe, Mom and I went to record a radio interview. It was a lot of fun! It was to encourage people to become involved in helping provide guide dogs to deserving individuals.

Too bad it wasn't a television interview - I look good, don't I?!

All of us guide pups went to the WNC Agility Trials in January. That was a LOT of fun. I enjoyed watching those dogs run and jump - but it looked like a lot of work to me. I prefer sitting up in the stands and having someone rub my ears!

Well, that's all for now! More later!!

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