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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hi, friends! I wanted to wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving and hope that you will be having a wonderful holiday season as we prepare to celebrate the birthday of Jesus! I continue to amaze my family with how good I am. If my mom says, "Stay," I'm content to do just that! We went to her parents' house for Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time visiting with the family - especially her grandson. He liked me because I didn't get real excited and scare him. His dad was sitting right beside me and didn't even know I was there for about twenty minutes! I'm such a good dog!!

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I think I have finally taught my mom that she has to slow down when we walk. If she will just go a normal pace, I will lead her and all will go smoothly. If she tries to go too fast, I just stop and look at her. She's finally catching on! Her kids have been trying to teach her to walk more slowly for 28 years, but they just didn't know that they needed to stop and refuse to keep up. They think I'm wonderful! (She, however, still has hopes that I will learn to speed up and go what she considers the right speed - very, very fast! We'll see!!)

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Madison and Andros said...

You're getting so big Sam! Glad you had a good thanksgiving!

ErinGDF said...

wow!! Sam is so big! He looks more and more like his brother Shear now. I've got Shear and the biggest difference is only that Shear is not as red as Sam. Some of those pictures of Sam look really close to Shear! And he's eaten laying down too. ;)

SAM-Future Guide Dog said...

That's funny about Shear eating lying down. Maybe it's a golden thing! I thought it was just SAM being energy efficient!!