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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm Learning a LOT!

Only one day has passed since I wrote last and I already have more things to say! I forgot to talk about going to see my Thomas' family's homeschool friends. I hope Aunt Barbara will send me some pictures and tell a little about it. It was a lot of fun. I already really love kids and I'm sorry we don't have any in my house - just a bunch of old people!

I also went to the doctor's office with my mom yesterday. There were a lotof interesting smells there, but none that bothered me and I laid down and took a nap - I'm very good at that no matter where we are! I even slept through MOST of the two choir practices last night.My mom let all of the kids love on me - ahhhh, that felt good! I saw the other dog in choir but
we couldn't play. After looking at each other for a while, we both gave up and curled up and went to sleep. Everyone says I was very good!

Here are some things I know how to do already. I'm not 100% reliable, but Mom says I'm VERY good for just a young pup (I am 11 weeks old TODAY!)
Sit when told
Sit at the door and stay until told to go forward
Stay in the floorboard of the car while Mom goes around. I sometimes get up, but not often and only once did I get on the seat. She was gone for at least 10 seconds and I got worried! I like to lie there near her so that she can pet me all the time. I also like to rest my head on the center console, although it's not soft. I guess I like it because it keeps us close.
Come when called. I'm very good at that and Mom gets really excited.
Busy and Big Busy on command. I will go to the bathroom if I need to, but I still have accidents sometimes. Usually it's Mom's fault, though, because she can't read my mind and know I need to busy!
Usually I also do "down" when told, as long as she uses her hand and
reminds me what she means.
I can go up and down the stairs, too. I want to run up them, but Mom makes
me go slowly.
I rode the elevator a couple of times - no big deal!
The only thing I find REALLY hard is not to pick up every leaf, stick,piece of paper, etc., etc. I mean, they are RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF MY NOSE! Something inside tells me to GET it and carry it around and I just can't resist!! I also like to carry my leash around, but Mom is trying to teach me not to do either of those things. *sigh* Sometimes it's tough being a puppy but I'm excited that one day I might get to help a person get around without getting hurt. I'm going to try very hard so I can be a good guide dog.
SAM eating laying down 2
{I like to eat lying down! You can clean the bowl better that way!}
SAM eating laying down
Well, I better go. Mom needs to work and I need to busy and then sleep.
Writing is very exhausting work!!



The Puppy Raising Roller Coaster said...

My name is MeKalea and I raise puppies for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. DO you mind if I link to your blog? You sond like you are doing excellently so far! Keep up the good work!

SAM-Future Guide Dog said...

That will be fine! I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier, but my mom just learned that you have to look for comments. She thought they came to her e-mail. Now she knows better, maybe she'll help me keep up!